Oliver broke his head.

If you ask Oliver what happened last Saturday, he’ll tell you he broke his head.

He actually slipped and fell into an end table. He screamed and cried and then we noticed there was blood all over his forehead. It wasn’t a big head wound, but it was a bit gape-y so I took him to the emergency department. While I was putting his coat and boots on him, Ben quickly drew several pictures to cheer Oliver up. Oliver was embellishing this picture- but it is a picture Ben drew of Oliver, his gigi, and his head gash. (Oliver was adding rain clouds.)


He also drew him Elmo and Cookie Monster. The drawings aren’t Ben’s best work, but he probably drew five of them in three minutes, so that’s what his hurried work looks like I guess.


There was unbelievably NO WAIT at the ER. We literally registered, saw the triage nurse, then went straight to the treatment room where Oliver was promptly treated.


Oliver didn’t cry at all in the hospital, although he did his best to look as pitiful as he possibly could. He kept his very sad eyes on and only answered the doctors’ questions with barely audible whimpers.


They used some glue instead of a stitch, which was quick and painless (so therefore awesome). Steri-strips on top and Oliver was all set. They handed him a popsicle and he promptly  declared, “I feew aww better now!”


And he has been fine ever since, just counting down the days till he can take his tapes off. He’s really excited about that for some reason.

p.s. Remember when Seth got a stitch in his forehead? He was almost the same age as Oliver is now. Weird.


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