This day.

Gah. Today is so not my favorite.

It took me forever to fall asleep last night. Why?? I usually fall asleep within about 19 seconds of laying down but I felt like I tossed and turned for forever last night. We were woken before 6 by Seth who said he was sick with a sore tummy and a headache. I managed to stay in bed until about 6:40 by which point all the other kids were in bed with me too. Seth seemed much perkier, having a lively debate with Ben about Transformers, so I asked him to go feed the dog.

And then he threw up all over the floor. In his own words, “At least I didn’t puke on the rug.” True dat, but still, not how I wanted to start my day. Various kids whining for breakfast while I’m trying to make sure no one walks through the puke that basically blocked the entrance to the kitchen from the hallways. Super gross.

I was supposed to work today so then I’m like, great, why does someone always get the throw-ups on the days I’m supposed to work? Now I can’t send anyone to daycare, which I’m still paying for, and I can’t go to work.

But them Seth seemed better. He ate a piece of toast and was okay.  I decided that I would be fine to go to work, it must have just been a fluke puke. I put Ivy for a nap and then myself too because I didn’t get enough sleep last night and I have to work until midnight tonight.

I slept for like 15 minutes and them was woken by the terrible sound of retching. Poor Seth, throwing up again.

So I got up, texted daycare, called work and canceled, and tried to go back to bed. And then Ivy woke up. So I’m up. And now I’m just tired and grumpy. I’m trying not to be grumpy but I really just want to be sleeping.

I’m just discouraged about paying all this money for childcare and not even being able to use it or make it back at work. (Oh yeah, I paid for daycare on Wednesday too, when I went to work where I realized I wasn’t actually scheduled to work. Nice.) So that’s a lot of money gone this week, and no work to pay for it. Frustrating. Sometimes I feel like I’m such a lame employee because with four kids I feel like I end up calling in fairly regularly because someone is sick. But I guess that’s just the way it is right now. Sometimes Neil comes home early from work for me, but he just couldn’t today.

Now I’m trying to scheme a way to fit in a power nap because I’m still going to work from 7:30 till midnight and I’m still tired. But I know as soon as I nod off someone will need to pee or someone else will start throwing up. I might still gonna take a gamble and go for it.

But first I’ll have to get one giggling trouble-making toddler off of my bed. Her ridiculously cheesy grin is cheering me up enough that maybe I won’t need that nap after all. But I will need coffee.


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