That one day it wasn’t forty below.


There was this one day in January where it warmed up to a balmy ten below. It felt like summer after all the insanely cold days we’ve had, so we seriously made the most of it.

Neil’s made a pretty awesome snowhill off of our backyard deck and the kids spent a good hour or more sledding there in the morning. Ivy started going down all by herself and she thought that was seriously the best.


After lunch and naps we packed up and went to a big hill for some even better sledding. We all had such a great time. Seth and Ben were tearing up and down that hill like nobody’s business. Neil and I were a bit slower, but to be fair we were pulling sleds full of toddler, so that slowed us down a little.




We spent a good hour sledding there, until Ivy’s feet froze, at which point we were immediately done. We sipped some hot chocolate in the snow and packed up to go home.

Funny story: the hill we went to was right beside an off-leash dog park so there were dogs all over the place, running around and up and down the hill. While we were sitting drinking our hot chocolate, Oliver was just kind of wandering around at the bottom of the hill. He stopped, leaned down and picked something up, excitedly reporting, “Chocolate!” At which point Neil and I were like, “NOOOOOO! Oliver! That’s poop!” Oliver’s face was just hilarious. He just stopped in his tracks, looked at the piece of frozen poo in his hand, and then dropped it like it was a piece of hot coal. It was pretty awesome. I realize some people wouldn’t find their child holding a piece of random dog’s poop in their hand that funny, but the fact that Oliver was wearing some good thick mitts and that the poop was frozen solid really helped the situation. I mean, sometimes all you can do is laugh, right?


Oh geez I really hope it will be warm enough to play outside again one day soon. I keep telling myself it’s gotta warm up soon, because it’s freaking February 10 already, but the forecast is still way below seasonal for a whole other week. And I’m pretty sure the week after that is a lie they’re telling us. I’ll believe -8 when I see it.



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