Our first Festival.

Yesterday was actually WARM!!! Like -7 IN THE MORNING! The high was -1 for the afternoon- what! Amazing!
It was also a long weekend, and Festival du Voyageur was on, so we decided to give it a try.




We definitely had a good time, although we’re basically broke now.
$3 a pop for maple taffy?? Whaaa? Oh well, it’s an experience. All good. I mean, look at the cute faces.




Only two of them ate theirs. And half of somebody’s ended up in my hair. But still, all good.


It was just so refreshing to be outside and not get frostbite. We walked and explored, and tubed and sledding. I think the kids had the most fun just chasing each other around in the snow.




In the afternoon at home they played outside even more. I think they were outside for over three hours today, which is awesome. And exhausting. Which is awesome.


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