From my ten year old self.

While putting some stuff away I came across my old diaries. Against my better judgment, I pulled one out and started to read it. I was sure it would be horrible. In fact, I was sure I had thrown those diaries out, because they would be so embarrassing to read. Thank goodness I hadn’t, because it turns out they’re hilarious. It also turns out that I was terribly whiny and self-involved at the age of ten. This probably comes as no surprise to my parents. I’m also horrified by my incorrect use of their/they’re/your/you’re. I had convinced myself that I’ve always used those perfectly, but clearly I haven’t.

Anyway, I’m sure when I started my diary in 1990, I never imagined I’d be publishing excerpts on the internets. Probably because there were no computers back then. But now there are, lucky you!

On the injustices of being ten…

(That doesn’t even make any sense at all. How do those two things compare?)

On my birthday….


Oh, how sad. That would likely be because I HAD. NO. BREASTS. Sadly, this is pretty much once again true. Might be time to go back to camisoles again.

On bike wars….


The truth of the matter is that I’m still bitter about Adam’s new bike while we had our old banana seats. The sad irony is that now our banana seats would be sooooo cool. The other truth is that I was jealous that Alissa even had fingernails while mine were just bitten up nubs. (This is still true 22 years later.) The awesome thing about that entry is that now Adam and Alissa are married with three kids. I love that I have (several) (mostly angry) diary entries about my brother-in-law.

On growing up without a lot of money….


On “growing up”…


(P.S. My mom was lying. PPS. I did it.)

On true love…


Surprisingly, that relationship went nowhere. So wow, preteen journals are so awesome and so horrible at the same time. If you kept one, I dare you to dig it out and read it. This particular diary of mine actually contained a dictionary and a boyfriend chart where all boyfriends were kept track of chronologically, rated and then tallied to see who was the best of the year. This is very strange to me since I don’t recall having any boyfriends in fourth or fifth grade…

Apparently I had a good imagination.


3 thoughts on “From my ten year old self.

  1. Steph says:

    this. is. awesome.
    this makes me die laughing…
    i’m pretty sure we could have been in real life friends b/c all my ‘diaries’ are similar.
    i’m glad i kept all mine too.
    but i’m almost embarrassed to let my 10 year old daughter read mine!
    i was sorta boy crazy.
    these are great… thanks for sharing your younger self!

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