Ben as a six year old.

Ben turned six on Saturday.


We celebrated his birthday with a couple friends at The Lego Movie on half-price Tuesday, because that’s how we roll. He requested a rainbow birthday cake (I’m starting to curse the rainbow cake. But at the same time, I still love it). For his birthday this year he asked for Lego, anything ninja turtles, and new clothes. He got all of those things, lucky child.




On his actual birthday we went to the museum and McDonald’s, per his instructions. Ben’s pretty low-key about his birthday celebrations, and I appreciate that. Last year he only wanted his grandparents, and this year, just a couple friends.

Ben as a six year old, well, he’s great. I’m really so proud of him; he’s come such a long way. Barely a year ago I probably would have described him as almost painfully shy, almost afraid to speak to someone he didn’t know very well. I would never describe him that way now. I’m so happy to see the confidence he’s gained. He’s made so many friends at school, and even told me that one of his friends described him as the class clown. He was pretty pleased with that, and honestly, I’m not really surprised by that. Ben’s always been a little entertainer here at home; he loves goofing off and making people laugh. I can remember Ben trying to be funny on purpose way back when he was just one or two. I think Neil and I called the whole class clown thing way back then. Still, he takes school seriously. He loves bringing home new home reading books, and he loves studying his sight words. He seems to be picking it all up really quickly. At the last parent teacher interviews his teacher called him a model student and said he was very bright and very neat. She’s right- Ben has much neater printing than Seth will ever have, I’m sure.

Ben’s a good brother, too. Okay he and Seth are not getting along that well these days, that’s true, but Ben get’s along very well with Oliver, and Ivy just adores him. Every night Ivy begs to “Seep Mun!” (sleep Ben!). She loves cuddling him in his bed. (Yes, this could also be a ploy by a genius two year old to avoid bedtime, and yes, it works a lot of the time. It’s just so cute.) He plays so well with Oliver and tries hard to include Ivy, and he takes good care of both of them if they’re hurt or need help.

He’s got style, my six year old Ben. He loves clothes (hence the request for new clothes for his birthday). I’m sure Seth has never even noticed what clothes are in his drawer or what they look like, he just pulls out what’s on top and puts it on. Ben, on the other hand, carefully (and slooooowly) picks out each days outfit. Occasionally he will come to me for my opinion, asking me which pants would look better with which shirt, but usually he makes his decisions solo. He often saves his favorite shirts for school days or Sunday school. But even though he loves looking handsome, he also loves his sweat pants, flannel jammies, and housecoat. He loves being cozy.

Ben can bust a move. I tell you, he’s got rhythm. He often has us almost falling over at the dance moves he comes up with, but he always makes it work. I hope one day I can convince him to try some kind of hip hop class or something, because I know he’d love it. He just seems to respond to music. He knows so many random song lyrics, and I love hearing him sing them. It always cracks me up when he wanders into the kitchen singing something like, “I came in like a wreeeeccccking ball” or “You left me, on the streets of Mexico…”
He’s always got a tune on his lips, and I love it.

Like all good Moran kids, he spends countless hours drawing, churning out picture after picture, always gifted to one of us, often signed from Ben. I don’t think he ever keeps a picture for himself, and the stack I have from him to me grows high on my dresser. I love this one he drew of me as a princess, and I love this giraffe he drew for Oliver. Giraffe’s are Oliver’s favorite, so Ben drew him one, because that’s the kind of thing Ben does.



He really is so sweet, our Benji. He has always had a soft and sensitive heart; a good, kind, nature. We’re really so lucky to have him.


P.S. I can hardly believe it, but I started blogging just before Ben turned two. Can you believe how much kids change? I miss Ben’s cheeks. They’re de-chubbing.

6 thoughts on “Ben as a six year old.

  1. Amanda says:

    Random question…..the orange sled that your daughter is in, do you happen to know what brand it is? Can you please reply via email

    • Nikki says:


      Sorry, the post you commented on doesn’t have any pictures of a sled!

      Can you comment on the actual post you saw the picture in?




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