Ivy as a two year old.

Ivy turned two a couple months ago, and what a two year old she is.

She still doesn’t talk too much, but no worries, she can get her point across. She’ll take on anyone who dares to cross her. Her favorite retort is sticking her tongue out, but she’ll also shout no! no way! go ‘way! or whatever else will work. She’ll hit you too.


She’s fiercely independent. Her cries of “‘ELF!!” are heard many, many times throughout the day. (Self, if you’re not sure what elf means. Ivy has a thing abut consonants. As in, she doesn’t use many of them.) She wants to put on her own clothes, take off her own clothes, go to the bathroom all be her ‘elf, etc, etc. Sometimes I can’t even peek in the bathroom to check on her without hearing a loud, “‘ELF! ‘WAY!!” And she really can do it on her own. She pushes the stool up, puts the seat up or down, depending on who left it in what condition, climbs up, gets her pants down, and climbs on all by herself. It’s pretty awesome, really. Her independence plays out in other good ways too- she always clears her place at the table after supper and always cleans up the toys in the bath when she’s done too.


She remains OBSESSED with babies. Everything CAN be a baby if you just hold it the right way (ie a tiny grape, a small carrot, anything smaller than it’s usual size IS a baby). At home she is almost always carrying a baby around, or pushing it in a stroller, or changing it’s imaginary diaper, or putting it to bed. She loves real babies the most, obviously, and will go up to any baby, anywhere, and comment on it and probably ask to “hode” it. She will die of happiness when her baby cousin moves home in a couple months, I’m sure of it.

She’s starting to love clothes, especially any “pitty dess”. Often I have to wrestle her into her clothes (if you follow me on instagram or facebook you may have noticed that Ivy is almost always only half clothed) but never if it’s a pitty dess. She loves anything “pincess” too. She’s a real girly girl.


Well, except for when she’s beating up Oliver. Which is almost every day. Poor Oliver, Ivy is such a bully to him. She smacks him and pushes him and has even bitten him several times. Oliver has never fought back, the little angel. I always coerce Ivy into apologizing and hugging Oliver, but she doesn’t seem to be learning her lesson.

Frozen. She’s in love with that movie and Elsa and Anna and the soundtrack but mostly just “Let it Go.” I’m pretty sure she can sing more of that soundtrack that she can speak words. She sings a lot, really, always singing some made-up song with some little actions too. Her other favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast. She LOVES “beast!” and randomly brings up how the beast turns into a man on a semi-regular basis.


She loves doing my hair. She grabs pieces of it and just runs it through her hands over and over again. She also loves pretending I’m her baby and making me go to “eep.” She sometimes asks me to lay in her lap, like I’m a teeny baby. As I type she’s singing to me, stroking my arms, and saying “‘ay ‘own” (lay down). If I only I COULD lay down and go to sleep, Ivy. She also loves pretending she herself is a baby. I’m always amazed at her imagination. When she is pretending to be a baby she IS a baby. She won’t talk, only make whiny baby noises. She won’t walk or crawl, but insists on being carried. She wants to go in her crib, where she pretends to sleep. It’s hilarious to me. Her other favorite thing to be is a cat. The only time she and Oliver get along is when they’re being cats together.

She’s so friendly. We stopped in at Neil’s office the other day and she literally hugged coworkers of Neil’s that she’s never met before. It was hilarious. And awesome. At the museum the other day she was playing next to a one year old and she introduced herself to her, patting her chest saying, “IBY.” I died. She gives THE BEST kisses and hugs. Her normal “good-bye” routine (even if she’s just pretending to say good-bye while she pushes her baby to “school” or something) is a kiss on the mouth, sometimes a kiss on each cheek, a “‘ug too!” (big hug) and then a “fife” (high five).


She’s grown so much since she was a baby. At her check up last week she was 28 pounds. I could hardly believe it. She’s jumped from the 10%, where she stayed for almost her whole first year, to the 60%. Her legs are almost as long as Oliver’s now. Also at her check-up her doctor heard a heart murmur. It’s so weird to me, our kids’ hearts. Ivy will be our THIRD child to go to the heart clinic for an echocardiogram. I don’t know anyone else who’s even had one kid go there. Anyway, I’m not worried. I’m sure her heart will be healthy and fine just like everyone else’s!

I could go on and on about Ivy and her big personality. If you don’t know her, it’s kind of too bad. You’d really love her.


2 thoughts on “Ivy as a two year old.

  1. Erika says:

    Wish in could meet that bundle of personalitity ;). FYI-now you know of one other family who has a child go to the heart clinic. 😉

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