Gettin’ stuff done.

Neil and I had a kid free weekend! We shelled the kids out to various relatives and got ready for a weekend of relaxing.

It’s funny how things change; how ideas of relaxing change, and how sleeping in changes, the older you get, and the more kids you have.

We did have a wonderfully quiet and relaxing Friday afternoon and evening. I vegged out on the couch, we ate what we could scrounge up, watched a movie, and went to bed. We were up at 7:40 on Saturday. Which is so dumb, because when the kids are home, and Neil lets me sleep in, I can easily sleep till 9 or 10. I blame our early waking on the fact that we actually slept ALL NIGHT LONG with NO INTERRUPTIONS. It’s amazing how much better you feel in the morning when you can sleep for a solid eight hours as opposed to an interrupted nine. Just sayin.

So Saturday we were inspired to start a project. Before we knew it, Neil was removing screw pops and patching holes and I was scouring Pinterest. I also cleaned up my sewing room, even vacuuming up all the little sequins from my latest project. It looks so nice and clean now! That was good for my soul, I tell you. Then we went into the city for a lovely lunch at Stella’s, then went shopping wherever we wanted, because we could, darn it. Apparently everyone else goes shopping on Saturdays too, unfortunately. Our last stop was Rona, where we loaded up on supplies, paying with some random gift card we’d found ages ago and can’t even remember where it came from.

Saturday evening we patched and painted and Sunday morning, after sleeping in till 8 (!), we finished up. You guys, these hats were $1.48. I mean, they had to be had. Totally made our work experience that much better.


And tada!


A giant chalkboard! I, like everyone else on the internet, love chalkboards. I had seen this giant magnetic chalkboard on Pinterest once, and kind of forgotten about it. We have this big space here in our dining room that we just could not figure out what to do with. We would have liked a big piece of art, but we don’t really agree on art, unless it’s art we can’t afford. Anyway, thank you pinterest, because we love our new chalkboard.

I was planning to make it magnetic but after reading mixed, mostly bad, reviews on magnetic primer, that costs a lot of money, we decided to skip that part. Who cares, anyway, it’s still awesome. A little washi tape can do the work of a magnet, and look prettier, too. If only my kids hadn’t used up all my washi.


So basically this project required taping off the area we wanted to chalkboard, painting it with chalkboard paint, and then cutting, painting, and putting up the trim. I think the whole thing cost us about $60, and I still have about a half a can of paint left. Perfect.


The other thing I did this weekend was finish my ikea stool that I started painting four months ago.


I’m sooooo happy with it. I don’t have a before picture, but I’ll describe it for you: pale bare wood covered in paint splatters and dried on food remnants.

So much better, right? I’m basically in love with it.

So all in all, I’m not sure if it was was most people would call a relaxing weekend, but Neil and I had a great time. It feels good to get stuff done around here, and it’s so much easier to get stuff done without four small children interrupting you. Heck, we even washed the floor! And no, you can’t tell anymore.

Cheers to the family members that bless us so much by taking care of our children!

Ps. Ivy has already eaten half a piece of chalk (add that to the countless others she has eaten), licked the chalkboard while saying “yum”, and scribbled on it with a purple crayon.


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