“I love Ivy, but why does she always ‘mack me?”

You would think that the days I just have Oliver and Ivy at home would be the easiest, but they’re not. I feel like I spend most of my day breaking up fights between those two. Well, not so much breaking up fights as pulling Ivy off of Oliver, telling Ivy not to hit Oliver, or asking Ivy to leave Oliver alone. It’s like she can’t though. She lives to irritate him. Whatever he has, she all of sudden NEEDS. Immediately. Whatever couch he’s sitting on, she must sit on. Directly beside Oliver. Oliver’s a kid that likes to have a little personal space, and Ivy’s the kind of kid that refuses to give it. A bad combo.


Ivy is just constantly picking on her big brother, and Oliver just continuously takes it. He never hits back. He just starts crying, every time. Sometimes I wish he would give her a good smack.


It’s hard to find any pictures of the two of them together where they’re both happy, but they do sometimes like to play together in Ivy’s crib. It’s usually short-lived, but you gotta take what you can get I guess.


As I was tucking Oliver in the other night after he’d had a particular trying day with his little sister, we prayed that Ivy would learn to be nicer and would quit smacking Oliver.

Oliver looked at me and said, “I love Ivy, but why does she always ‘mack me?” That kid, no matter how bad he gets it from her, he gives nothing but love back. I hope Ivy knows how lucky she is to have a brother like that. And I hope she’ll leave him alone one day soon.


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