The children draw.

And draw, and draw, and draw. Our table has been strewn with papers and markers for over four years, it seems. I fantasize about having a work station for them in the basement, but for now I’m not really complaining about the fact that ALL of my kids LOVE drawing and literally spend hours of each day churning out amazing artwork. There are much worse pastimes for young children, I’m sure. Drawing is quiet and doesn’t require parental involvement, so besides the mess of papers, pencil crayons, markers, and crayons, it’s pretty much the best ever.

I feel like the kids have taken their picture quality up a notch lately, and I’m loving the latest creations.

Seth’s pictures continue to include a lot of weaponry and armor, good guys/bad guys/guys with super powers, etc. but he’s also including some humor in his drawings lately. Toilet humor, of course, but humor it is. I’m a fan.


That last drawing started as a pair of eyes I had drawn. We did lots of those for awhile. I drew eyes and the kids made them into weird things. It was fun.

Ben’s latest artwork had me pretty much dying. Apparently he was paying closer attention to that show on animal planet than I realized…


Why yes that is a nursing mom and baby animal about to be eaten by a giant something or other. I’m just really praying no nipples show up in any of his school artwork. And clearly we need to discuss the anatomical differences between mammals and reptiles.


What is even happening here?? I also love this picture he drew yesterday:


I helped him figure out how to spell a lot of the words, but wow is his printing ever neat. Just like his dad, this one!

He also started signing his name Benji, which melts my heart. One of my stipulations when picking his name was that I had to be able to call him Benji. I’m glad he’s calling himself that now too.


Oliver’s drawings are FILLED with detail. He draws and draws till every little space if filled up, both sides, usually spinning an elaborate story while he draws.


He’s starting to write his name too, although he only ever wants to write it “however I want” which always includes many, many O’s, I’s, and L’s, but never any other letters. Sometimes his name includes as many as 20 letters, but only those three. Thankfully we have a year and a half until kindergarten.


These are only a fraction of the amazing drawings we have laying around the house. 95% of them make their way into the recycling bin, but I do save my favorites. Some of them make it into their “keep forever” boxes, and a lot of them get photographed and make their way into photobooks. I love looking back at all of them and seeing how their style has changed and evolved. Hoping Ben’s anatomically correct drawings don’t evolve too much, though…


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