Ivy eats chalk.

She totally does. And by eat, I mean eat. She’s eaten several entire pieces of chalk. White chalk, colored chalk, she’s not picky. She will even lick the chalkboard, saying “yum” after each lick. It’s pretty weird, but we still love her.

While we were having our morning cuddle this morning, I looked at Oliver’s huge blue eyes and his long eyelashes and asked him why he was so beautiful. Ivy piped up right away, “I boo’ful, too.” I told her, yes, of course she was. And then she told me, “Mommy boo’ful too.” And that’s why I keep her, folks.


Today I’m at home with the babies, getting over a sore throat that resulted in yesterday being super non-productive. We’ll have to leave the house to buy milk, but I think I’ll wait until the sun warms the day up a bit. It’s currently -16 C (feels like -19 though, apparently). Such a lovely spring day. I mean, why don’t we just live in Antarctica or something? At least we’d get to see penguins there. All we got here are geese right now. Anyway, I’m hoping to crank out some projects on the sewing machine today, too. Finishing up a jumper for Ivy, and thinking about making her a couple of skirts, since that’s basically all she’ll wear these days. Pretty skirts, and only pretty skirts. “PITTY SKUHT!” Neil’s managed to sneak her into pants once or twice when she was totally distracted, but usually she’s asking for a pretty skirt as soon as she’s done breakfast every day. I also want to sew Seth a wallet, because that kid’s money just seems to be reproducing in his sandwich bag of a piggy bank. He always has SO much money. I don’t even get it. He spent $25 on rainbow loom supplies on Saturday, but he still has a pile of cash. So I think he needs a wallet, or something more practical than a sandwich bag, anyway. He has big plans of selling stuff on our driveway this summer so he’s gonna need a good place to keep all his moneys. Hopefully our day goes smoothly, and Ivy and Oliver don’t spend too much of the day fighting with each other. She’s already checked herself into her crib for some down time while Oliver ran to his room and shut the door saying he needed some alone time. And it’s only 8:30. Same old thing every day around here it seems…

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