A lost gecko and emotions run high.

Last night while we were tucking the babies in bed, Seth ran out of his room saying “Yoda’s not in his cage!”

Yoda cannot climb out of his cage; he’s not that kind of gecko. But he can be taken out of his cage, played with, and completely forgotten about whilst one rainbow looms on the bedroom floor. Which is exactly what happened. The last time I had seen Yoda he was sitting on the floor beside Seth while Seth watched a Youtube tutorial and made bracelets. By bedtime last night Seth had absolutely no recollection of this situation. I believe him, too, because Seth (and I’m gonna put it out there and say all other males as well) cannot multi-task. When he is focused on one thing, he simply cannot pay attention to another thing. He just can’t. So that’s what happened. Yoda was forgotten about, the evening went on, and then at bedtime it was apparent that Yoda was missing.

Seth was more upset than I’ve really ever seen him. He was in tears, and so distraught that he couldn’t even focus to actually look for Yoda. Neil and Ben and I looked in all the dark corners in the bedroom, picked up boxes and books and papers that Yoda might hide under, and wondered if Yoda would have left the room. He’s pretty small, after all, and that would be a big hike for him.

Seth was crying, “I’m so so sorry! I’m so sorry that I lost Yoda!” Honestly it did my heart good to see Seth so emotionally invested in something. He’s so even keel about everything sometimes I wonder if he just doesn’t care about anything! But clearly he does.

Ben found Yoda hiding in Seth’s giant Halo lego set. The relief on poor Seth’s face! I was relieved too. I was worried Yoda was hiding in a sweatshirt on the floor and then we’d either step on him or chuck him in the washing machine. Since Yoda doesn’t climb, and moves fairly slowly, I didn’t ever think we would lose him, but we did, and we found him, so there’s that life experience done now.


Today we’re just chilling out at home. I worked out, cleaned the bathroom, and made a giant batch of granola. Ivy’s down for a nap and Oliver’s playing on the iPad so I think that means it’s break time for me too. The sun is shining and it’s supposed to get to 12 today so I think we’re going to check out the playground when Ivy wakes up. Later we’re going to pick the boys up from school and go to the library. I still need to figure out what to make for supper, story of my life, and I’m trying to get all of our video clips onto DVDs, too. I just ordered a couple photo books so I’ll be up to date to the end of February, which makes me sooooo happy. If the videos are up to date too I’ll be at peace with my life! Really I just need to get them off this computer because the hard drive is getting dangerously full. Anyway, always a million things to do, and I’m thankful that I get to mostly stay home to do them!


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