That time Neil wasn’t actually the best husband ever.

I know, you’re shocked. But it’s true. There was this one time that Neil did a bad thing.

It was way back when we had a kid free weekend. When was that even? Seems like a hundred years ago already. Sign me up for another one, please! Anyway, that weekend. We went shopping. My grey hairs were getting a little out of control and it was time for me to cover those puppies up. I picked out a box of a medium brown, like I like. Neil kept picking out the very dark browns or even blacks, like he likes. I do not like being very dark, but Neil always wants my hair as dark as possible for some reason. That’s his thing. But I was like, no, man, I don’t like that, and it makes me feel weird, so I’m getting this medium brown. Chuck it in the cart and carry on.

I got home, and set to dyeing my hair. Yes, I dye my own hair. In my bathroom. And you were always wondering why I look so amazing all the time. I left it on per suggested time, rinsed it off, and dried it. I was surprised at how dark it was, and really disappointed. I don’t like my hair that dark! I pretty much hated it, and thought about dyeing over it, but I didn’t think that was really going to work. I told myself I’d just wash it extra-much and it would fade. I noticed Neil didn’t really say anything about my hair, and I didn’t either, mostly because I was bummed about it.

A couple days later Neil asked me how I liked my hair. I told him I really hated it. He was all like “oh.”
THEN he confessed to SWAPPING hair dye boxes on me! He just put mine back and put the one HE wanted in the cart. I didn’t even look at the box at home because I didn’t suspect my husband of such trickery. Anyway, can you even believe that?? On one hand, as a co-worker pointed out, it’s sweet that he takes some interest in my hair; on the other hand, it’s MY HAIR!

I’m pretty sure Neil was remorseful and I’m fairly confident that he’s not ever going to do that again, but seriously, I still can’t even believe he did it in the first place!

So now you know, Neil’s not always perfect. And neither is my hair.

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