Around here.

Ivy came wandering into the kitchen this morning, asking, “Doddy?”.
“Dotty? Are you looking for Dotty?”
“No! Neil!”
It’s so funny when she uses our first names. She rarely uses mine, and she’s using Neil’s less and less, but when she does, it’s pretty hilarious. There was one time she was calling out from her crib, “Daddy! Daddy! DAAAAADDDDY!!! (long pause…..) Neil?” We almost died.

This week I’ve got self-diagnosed bronchitis. Between my history of multiple episodes of bronchitis and the prudent use of google, I’m pretty sure that’s what’s happening here. I’m gross-coughing in the morning but mostly it’s just totally wiping me out. I forget what my normal energy level is. Thankfully Ivy’s slept almost through the night the last couple of nights. Sad that that seems like a rare occasion these days. Last week she didn’t even nap three days of the week! What! Are we there in life already? I don’t think so, but she’s starting to do that “I slept in the car for 7 minutes so I’m good now” thing. It’s not the worst thing, but seriously, I need a nap some days so I need her to too! On Sunday we lost her deedee IN OUR HOUSE so there was absolutely not a minute of napping happening. We (as in me, my mom, and Neil) all searched every single nook and cranny of this house, under every single thing that could be looked under, in every single cupboard that could be looking in, even stripped beds and lifted mattresses, looking high and low. It was nowhere. Which was completely maddening because I KNEW it was in the house!! Honestly I was almost ready to call it a day with that bleedin’ blanket, it causes us so much stress when it goes missing (which seems to happen a few times a week!). But Sunday was not the day for that, since we had a babysitter coming. I love/hate deedee since it brings Ivy so much comfort but seriously, gah! Hopefully another year and it’s outta here. Maybe. If we’re brave enough. So, probably not. (Ivy enventually found her deedee in the craft cupboard behind the box of markers.)

In other news, Ben’s got a new friend at school. HER name is Ashley and he came home with her phone number scratched on a piece of paper on Monday. He was barely in the door when he started asking if we could phone her and see if she could come over. I helped him write a note to her inviting her over, which he brought to school yesterday. Then he came home with drawings from Ashley, one of which is Ben and Ashley standing together under a rainbow. Freaking adorable. He is pretty excited about it; he told our neighbor all about how a girl gave him her phone number, and if you ask him about Ashley he looks pretty pleased with himself. I think it’s pretty great that Ben has a friend that’s a girl. We obviously encourage our children to be friends with whomever they’d like to be friends with, regardless of gender, but Seth would never initiate spending time with a girl (besides his cousin). He only ever plays with girls when they invite themselves to play tag with the boys at recess. He speaks of those occasions a little begrudgingly. It’s very funny to me how different Seth and Ben are when it comes to things like girls!


It’s time for another cup of coffee for me then I’m heading down to spend some time with my favorite sewing machine. I’m working on 16 superhero capes for a friend’s child’s birthday party this weekend, and I’m almost done!

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