Post-op day 1.

It’s almost nine pm and I’m finally sitting down for supper. I’m completely starving. I feel like I can’t find time to eat. Where has the day gone?

Neil had a rough night last night, and a rough morning today. A lot of pain. The pain nurse came to see him around lunch time and got him fixed up with a PCA pump (push a button: narcotics immediately delivered) and a strong anti-inflammatory and he finally got a bit more comfortable. I got to the hospital around 1:45 and he was just starting to be able to rest more deeply, for more than ten minutes at a time. They had gotten him up for a tiny walk, he shuffled halfway across the room and back, and that was very hard for him. Neil had barely fallen asleep when the physiotherapist came and made him do his deep breathing and coughing exercises around 2:30 pm. The coughing put him back in so much pain, and he just couldn’t get it back under control. He was pushing that morphine button every couple of minutes, but he just couldn’t get on top of it. The nurse was reluctant to give him more meds- she offered a warm blanket and encouraged him to keep pushing his button. I wasn’t leaving until she upped the ante, and when she finally did around 6 pm, I went home. Neil texted me later saying he was feeling much better finally. It freaks me out a little how much pain he is with all those drugs on board. He still has an epidural and will for another day or two. I’m worried about how he will feel when that is gone. But I’m trying to remind myself to just slow my head down and take it one day at a time. Maybe Neil will be feeling a whole lot better in the morning even. Who knows, and there’s no point worrying about it right now.

Besides the pain, Neil is in good spirits and really optimistic about the whole situation. The doctors said that they took out the parts of his intestines that were affected by crohns, so hopefully that, combined with continued medication, can keep him pain free or even put him into remission for a very good long while.


(Sorry if that totally grossed you out, but it’s so impressive, I had to share.)

And people. Wow, people are amazing. The response from all of you, it is seriously just overwhelming. People have been texting and messaging me left and right, offering words of support and encouragement, telling us that they are praying for us. A pastor and friend from our church was at the hospital to see Neil yesterday morning already. We just feel so cared for by all of you. People have offered to bring us meals and to find dvds for Neil to watch. Someone is picking up a birthday cake for Oliver tomorrow, and one of my sister’s clients, who I’ve never even met, gave us a very generous gift card to McDonald’s to take the kids to eat. Flowers have been delivered from our church and from Neil’s work, and his work even sent a giant gift basket of fruit and treats for the kids and I. These things all mean so much to me, and I’m amazed that people even thing of this stuff. Grocery shopping and cooking and running errands are seriously the last things I want to be doing with my time, and I’m truly touched that others have thought of that and are so generously taking care of us.

Tomorrow is Oliver’s birthday and I am going to take the kids to see Neil after school. I know they are missing him. Seth especially, as he probably grasps what is happening more than the other kids, and at least realizes that two weeks is a long time for Neil to be gone. It will be good for them to have a visit with their dad, and I’m sure it will be good for Neil too.

Okay well I better log off, there’s birthday cupcakes to ice and birthday presents to wrap. Someone is very excited to turn four tomorrow.


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