Highs and lows.

Today is post-op day 4 and Neil is doing so much better. His temperature has been normal, his pulse is coming back down, and his pain is much more manageable.
His epidural is out now and he is still doing just fine. He is able to get out of bed on his own, and can walk all the way to the end of the hall and back, which is a far cry from the few steps he could shuffle a couple of days ago.

Yesterday he had such a good day and that was so good for him and for me too.

Last night my friend Marissa took me out for supper, which was great. I needed a night out! But the most amazing part was that she brought us boxes and boxes of ready-to-go meals and healthy snacks and bottles water and magazines and DVDs and treats for the kids from all of our church friends. It was seriously overwhelming. On top of that their were cards stuffed with literally hundreds of dollars worth of gift cards for food and gas and iTunes.


By the time I unpacked all the food, and put it away with all the other food that other friends had dropped off a few days ago, my fridge and freezer all full. It’s amazing.

Someone else has arranged for someone to come clean my house on Monday, and another friend, a massage therapist, gave me a massage today, as a gift.

Neil and I and the kids are being taken care of so completely and so perfectly by all of our friends and family; it’s amazing. We are so very grateful and so profoundly touched.

Opening cards signed by so many people, some that we hardly know except in passing, it just makes us feel so loved. Thank you so much to everyone who has given to us so generously! Words cannot even express our gratitude!

I was feeling so happy last night and this morning, just like everything was going so well. But then I guess I must have hit my emotional limits or something because I turned into a total disaster. It’s not that I’m not coping, or that I’m depressed or discouraged, but I think I’m just completely exhausted. I’ve been sleeping, but just nowhere near enough. By mid-morning today I started crying and I barely stopped until this afternoon. I was crying so ridiculously with Neil this morning and he was so confused. He asked me, “what’s wrong?? Did something bad happen that you’re not telling me about??” I thought that was hilarious, because HELLO! You’re the bad thing that happened Neil! What else could I possibly be dealing with?! Anyway, funny not funny. Then I went and cried to my massage therapist friend, but wow, was that massage exactly what I needed. I felt much calmer leaving there, but still, just verging on disaster.
I made a quick stop in at the walk-in clinic on my way back to the hospital, where I then cried to the doctor, and she prescribed me something to help me sleep. Thank you and goodnight.

Anyway my plan now is to go home early this evening and sleep until I can’t sleep anymore. It’s all gonna be fine!


One thought on “Highs and lows.

  1. Erika says:

    I totally understand those feelings!! Day three After Josh’s car accident I couldn’t even get out of bed and cried all day.

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