Riding the emotional roller coaster from hell.

Holy smokes, what a day.

When I got to the hospital Neil was just being taken down to ct scan for his drain placement. They told him how they would place the drains and leave them for 4 or 5 days or until they stopped draining, and then he’d come back to ct to check on things before they took them out.

15 minutes later Neil was out of ct. No drains. Back up to his room to wait for the doctor to come tell us what the heck was happening. I overheard the nurses talking about “Mr.Moran” and they had that teeth-gritted “oh crap” look on their faces. I tried to get something out of them but they wouldn’t divulge.

It didn’t matter because the doctor was up very shortly after. He explained that during Neil’s ct the tech could see the contrast dye just leaking out in there. As in, Neil’s repairs weren’t holding up. He was grim. He said that because of that, Neil would go back to the OR to get everything fixed up, and would very likely have some kind of ostomy for the next 3-6 months. Recovery would be longer, and at least another two weeks in hospital.

Obviously and understandably, Neil was very very upset. Within 15 minutes of this news they took him down to the OR. The situation was pretty urgent, I guess.

Right away I put on Facebook that people needed to pray some big prayers. Then I went out to the truck and called the moms. When I finished explaining things times two I noticed I had missed a call and had voicemail.

I checked my message. It was Neil’s surgeon.

He said that the radiologists had called him and said that on reviewing Neil’s scan, they weren’t totally convinced it was a leak, and that it could possibly be a loop of bowel or something? The doctor had immediately called into the OR and cancelled everything.

You guys, this is such a huge miracle. Like seriously, when I heard that message, I could barely believe it. I hadn’t even got out of the hospital parking lot, it all happened so fast. I really feel like so many of you were praying, so so many of you, that God couldn’t help but work quick.

Neil was obviously incredibly relieved to not be going for surgery again! (Me too, believe me!)

The doctor is still going to keep an eye on Neil’s condition, and will repeat the scan sometime soon, but for now, things look okay. Neil is feeling better, for the most part, and looks better. The doctor said because Neil appears quite well right now, it doesn’t really jive with a big leak happening in there, although he says there definitely WAS a leak at some point. There is certainly still a chance that Neil could end up back in the OR in a few days or a week or who knows when, but we are standing in belief that that will not be happening!! But, even if that does happen, at least Neil will have had some time to process the idea first!

Anyway after all that, Neil finally got some TPN started today so at least he’ll have a little more energy and his body will have some nutrients to use to help it heal. Poor Neil hasn’t eaten a thing since a slice of my birthday cake last Sunday!


This day was just insane. This whole thing really is just so crazy, sometimes I feel like I can’t even believe this is really happening. It feels kind of surreal.

Now I’m home, in a beautifully clean house (thank you friends!!!) with a sweet seven year old cuddled in bed with me. We’re having a sleepover, because a week of sleeping alone is enough for me. The rest of the kids come home tomorrow and I’ll try to write a post featuring darling children instead of my sick husband…

2 thoughts on “Riding the emotional roller coaster from hell.

  1. Deanna McCowan says:

    wow. what a day! i’m so happy things are at least status quo for a while. That sounds insane. For someone who needs a lot, A LOT, of processing time that sounds like a nightmare for sure. This universe is pretty amazing. Glad everyone’s prayers are working. xoxoxox Hang in there, mama.

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