My baby’s starting solid foods!

Besides his gross wound infection, Neil is doing super well.

They’re trying to get him off of his pain button, so today he started oral pain meds. They seem to be working ok, just not as fun as always being a teeny bit high.

He had a shower yesterday. That was pretty life changing.

Today he moved up in the world from juice and broth to real, actual food. It’s been ten whole days since the man had any solid food. Pretty exciting stuff!

He’s had a few good days in a row and we’re starting to feel pretty optimistic about everything.

The doctors are still keeping a close eye and a ct scan will be repeated at some point to check on those abcesses in there, but everyone seems to think his body is doing a good job of beating them down.

Still no idea when he’ll be able to come home, a lot of things still have to come together, including home care or something for his incision, which is still getting three dressing changes a day. There’s a long weekend coming up so I hope that doesn’t delay things too much.

I stayed home with the kids today, which felt so nice and normal. After school we’re gonna grab a little supper to-go and then go visit Neil. Besides Seth, he hasn’t seen the kids in a week, so a visit is definitely in order!

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