He’s out! (Sorta kinda)

Neil has done so well! By yesterday afternoon he was switched to all oral medications, and he got to ditch his IV pole. The doctors had mentioned he could possibly go home the next day, but home care needed to be set up. When the home care coordinator hadn’t showed up by 3:30 pm on the Friday before a long weekend, I was feeling pretty dejected. No home care, no home. One of the nurses told Neil discharge probably wouldn’t happen till the end of the weekend.

By yesterday evening I had decided that I would march right into the hospital this morning and that I would not leave without Neil, no matter what I had to do.

Luckily, I didn’t have to do anything. By this morning they were arranging for Neil to go home on a “23 1/2” hour day pass, to return in the morning for a dressing change. Repeat every day until home care gets set up on Tuesday.

Anyway so much better than nothing and boy were the kids happy to see their dad. I said to Oliver, “hey! I brought your dad home!” And he just sighed and said “thank you!”

The best.


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