Aaaaaand he’s back in.

This is not a post I was expecting to be writing. After a couple lovely days of day passes, I had to bring Neil back to the hospital last night after a day of him feeling generally unwell and then spiking a fever. I called the ward and they said I better bring him back. I’m so thankful for good friends just a few miles away who can come and sleep on our couch while I drive my husband to the hospital late at night. So so thankful!

I hardly stayed last night, just waited till the doctor saw Neil, made sure Neil was settled, and then went home for a quick sleep.

This morning the doctors are thinking Neil looks pretty crappy, his incision looks a little muckier and is oozing more than usual, and he’s just clearly not doing as well as he was. They’ve ordered a ct scan to check on the state of things, and may open his incision up a little more to make dressing it easier.

Long story short, no discharge for Neil today.

It sucks, but I’m honestly just so glad Neil wasn’t discharged before the weekend like we were really hoping he would be. It was so good to just be able to bring him straight back to his bed on the ward where everyone knows his story and knows how to take care of him.

Hopefully everything gets fixed up and Neil’s home in short order. Poor Seth was really upset this morning. We were all liking having Neil around again. He’s our favorite, you know.


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