Neil’s point of view.

If you’re a Facebook friend of Neil’s, or if you follow him on Instagram, you’ve already read this. For all of you who haven’t, I thought you might like to know, from Neil’s point of view, how things are going.

This is what he posted on social media yesterday:


Trying to start day 20 off positively. It’s hard. Here’s an update: had to come back on Monday night after a weekend of day passes and been here ever since. I have abcesses or little pockets of infection in my abdomen that need to be treated with IV antibiotics 4x a day. I also have an open wound that needs to be cleaned and packed once a day due to an infection in my incision. These two little factors are keeping me here longer than I’d like. On the positive, surgery was definitely a success, the removal of the “chronsy” bowel parts is so noticeable it’s crazy. I can eat and not feel a thing as my body works like it was meant to be without the restrictions of ulcers or inflamed intestines. It has literally been years since I felt this good, and I am beyond thankful for this. I just miss my kids. SO much. I would not trade the crazyness of being a dad to four of the most rad little humans on the planet for anything. Please keep me, and them, in your prayers. I need it. If you’re not a pray-er please keep me in your thoughts and keep those positive vibes coming my way. It’s all keeping me going. And I appreciate all of it. Nik’s bringing the kids in this morning and we’re gonna get out of here for a few hours between meds. It’s gonna be just what I need, I’m sure.

We did have a good day yesterday. We took Neil to our friends’ house for some lunch and a haircut, then headed to Assiniboine park. We got back to the hospital just as the rain started pouring down. The kids went home with Neil’s mom for a sleepover, and just got back after supper.

Neil and I had a good time together today. Not gonna lie, I’m not minding all the one on one time we’re getting! Today we went out for lunch and then did a little shopping. Neil got a ukulele.


The doctors are working on getting Neil onto the home IV program, and they’re also very likely going to start Neil on a wound vac soon. It’s something that will significantly decrease his healing time, but like all things here it takes time to get set up. (And then it needs to be set up for home care too!) We’re hoping and praying that everything is set up much sooner than later but we’re also trying to be realistic, too. So basically we have absolutely no idea when Neil will be home again!

For now I’ve got school lunches to make and a school project to help Seth prep for that we totally forgot about…

And maybe a shower if the stars are aligned just right.


One thought on “Neil’s point of view.

  1. Deanna McCowan says:

    It’s no wonder you and Neil are so good together. You are 2 of the most positive, loving and cool people I know. It must be hard to be away from the little people, for everybody. It’s nice that family can help out and super nice for all the alone time! I think of you guys everyday. Just enough so that I hope it helps and just so little so that it’s not creepy. Big, BIG hugs!

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