We wait, and try not to grow weary.

Yesterday while sitting in Neil’s hospital room I said to him, “This is starting to be way too familiar.” Day in and day out. Babysitters coming, or kids going, me hanging out with Neil, waiting. Come home, feed kids, soccer sometimes, sleep, repeat. It’s getting a little old and I think we’re all getting a little tired.

Oliver seems exhausted. The babysitters are great and lots of fun but I think that kid could just really use a couple very quiet days at home. Days where he has to go nowhere. He told my sister yesterday, “I can’t go play outside. All my best days are gone.” It’s hilarious, but sad too. He’s worn out. Tonight he put himself to bed before six. “I’m just too sweepy Mom”, he said.

I hear you, child.

Today I came home to a freshly scrubbed house. And someone else dropped off supper, complete with brownies and freezies. If it weren’t for the generosity of all you people, some who I barely know even, I know I would be laying face down on the floor in a semi-comatose state.

We continue to wait for that home
IV program. Everything has finally been faxed to the clinic, but now Neil has to wait for a nurse from the clinic to come see Neil in hospital before he can be discharged. In other news, the wound vac is off the table for now. Not to say that it won’t come into play at a later date, but for now it seems like everyone is happy enough with Neil’s healing to think he will be fine without it.

At this point I don’t think we even care what’s happening with Neil’s wound- as long as he can get the heck home!

I can’t even believe how long he’s been in there. Today is day 23 or something. That’s insane to me. If someone had told me at the start of this that Neil would be in the hospital for more than three weeks I probably would have died and thought we couldn’t possibly do it. But we have done it so far, and we will keep doing. One day at a time.

I can’t wait until I can write a post saying that Neil’s been discharged. I’m really hoping it’s my very next post.

(Neil and I had a Five Guys picnic outside the hospital this afternoon. Amazing.)


2 thoughts on “We wait, and try not to grow weary.

  1. Bonnie McKenzie says:

    At least the weather is finally decent, and you and Neil can escape for walks around the hospital. The grounds at the Grace are pretty nice. Could you imagine if this was winter still? So..bonus for that. It seems like you have a wonderful and supportive family, friends, and neighbours…another bonus. It makes it a tiny bit easier. Hopefully, you’ll have Neil home soon and on the CIVP. Keep your chin up Nicole. You’re in my thoughts daily.

    • Nikki says:

      Thanks Bonnie. It’s true about the weather- it makes a huge difference for Neil to be able to go outside for a bit. And you’re right, the grounds at the Grace are really nice!

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