Bathroom milestones.

Don’t worry. This post is NOT about Neil.

(I know you were feeling a little leary when you clicked through to read.)

No, this post is about Ivy. We’re in the thick of soccer season right now, and with Neil being “under the weather”, I’ve been taking all kids to all games. Although I am deeply religious about making EVERYONE go to the bathroom before we leave home, and although soccer is only 15 minutes away (or less), and although the practice and game total only around an hour, I have still had to deal with children needing to go to the bathroom in the middle of the game. Okay, a couple times it was me who had to go. Damn you iced coffee. Thankfully we’ve usually been at a field with bathrooms available. Until last week. And then IVY had to go. What was I to do. With a two year old girl. At a soccer field. With no bathrooms.

So, she peed on the side of the road. In the grass. And thought it was amazing. “Peed g’ass Dad!!” “Go ‘nain!” Yes, she immediately wanted to go pee in the grass, again. I convinced her it was not necessary, but I was really pretty thankful that this had been a success. A bathroom milestone, I’d say!

Then on Friday I was busy digging out an epic flower bed while Ivy played outside. She had at some point stripped down to her undies, and I just kept on digging. This was nothing new. Then there came a time where I saw her wander around from the side of the house, naked. Undies nowhere in sight.

“Ivy, where were you?”



“Over dere.” (Points around side of house.)

I follow her pointing finger. To the dog run. Where Dotty poops. And now, where Ivy has pooped too. Yes, my daughter stripped down and pooped in the dog run. She’s classy like that.


I’m just hoping this doesn’t become a habit. Although part of me was like, well, there’s a lot worse places for a toddler to poop. Am I right or am I right?


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