That time Ivy was horrible at the doctor’s. (And Neil was good.)

Today Neil had his follow-up appointment with the surgeon, and Ivy had her specialist appointment at the Variety Heart clinic to check up on that heart murmur that her doctor noticed at her two-year check-up. The appointments were unfortunately at the same time, but on the opposite sides of the city as one another.
I dropped Oliver off at daycare but Ben didn’t want to go, so he and Ivy and I went to the heart place while Neil went to his appointment.
Ivy’s always been fine at her doctor’s appointments. At her last check-up she sat on the table while she got checked over, coughed on demand, and did everything the doctor asked her to. Today, not so much. She absolutely refused to get on the scale, so we got to go on the scale together. That’s always nice. Then I had to hold her down while they put all the EKG leads all over her. She was ripping those suckers off as fast as they could put them on. Even four princess stickers couldn’t convince her everything was going to be okay. When it was time to go into the office with the doctor, she wouldn’t even follow me in. She just yelled “home!!!” in the doorway. So I had to drag her in there and hold her crying while the doctor took her history. Then I had to hold her still while he tried to check her over, trying to restrain her and calm her at the same time so he could actually have a proper listen of her heart. By the end of the exam I didn’t even have the energy to ask him any questions. He didn’t say anything about the EKG but did listen to her heart good and long and then said that he didn’t think there was any reason to worry about heart disease (thanks) but that he would see her again in a year to check on things again when she would hopefully be more cooperative. Sheesh.
By the time we were ready to leave I could not find my parking ticket anywhere, then I couldn’t find my van anywhere in the parkade. We finally found the van and then pressed the call for help button but then found the ticket. So I reparked the van and went to the paystation to pay where the paystation said my ticket was unreadable. That was awesome. So I went back to leave again, pressed the call for help button again, and finally got out of there with some help from a parking attendant. It felt like the morning was a complete gong show.
Neil had a much more successful appointment than we did. The doctor was happy with how he is doing. His wound has been healing so well lately that the nurse at the clinic yesterday said there is now no more tunneling and that his dressing only needs to be changed every two days now, which is awesome. The doctor said that he’d heard a lot about Neil, that everyone had been talking about him, and that it isn’t very often that he has a case with as many complications as Neil had. How exciting! He thought that Neil will probably be able to go to work at the end of the month, although maybe just shorter days at first. He’ll have to see how it goes. I have to say, Neil has basically done nothing the last couple weeks since he came home, but then all of a sudden in the last couple days has almost been like a normal person again. That’s pretty awesome.
So that was our morning today. When I came home I did Neil’s meds and put Ivy for her nap and then I went to my garden to hunt for cutworms. Those little bastards ate all my carrot seedlings and all my lettuce too and I need them gone. I replanted and I don’t want to experience the sadness of seeing my garden disappear overnight again. Anyway I found around 15 or 20 and “disposed” of them. I don’t know how many more of them I missed but I hope I got enough that at least some of my plants will make it. On the bright side, there’s not a weed to be seen in my garden. Only because I picked them all out while hunting for cutworms. Not because cutworms ate my weeds. They avoided those, the little jerks.
Girls movie night tonight, and I’m excited. Here’s to hoping Neil can manage to get four children to bed on his own…

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