Why do we do this to ourselves?

Sometimes I feel like we’re just suckers for punishment. Like we do stupid things on purpose, or we forget to use our brains, or we just feel like throwing our hard earned money away and suffering in the process.

Case in point, we went to the ex on Sunday. It’s family day on Sunday! Free admission between 10:30 and 11:30! Kids wristbands only $12! Cotton candy and mini donuts! It will be the best day of our lives!!

After sitting in grid lock traffic with the rest of the city indefinitely, missing the free hour of admission, therefore spending x amount more than we planned, but going through with it “for the children”, buying wristbands for another x amount of money, waiting in long lines under hot sun while our water bottles waited in their backpack at our front door at home, spending another x amount on a slushie and a milkshake that mostly ended up on Oliver’s shirt, Seth being too big, Ivy being too little, Neil being too grumpy but trying hard to tough it out, and me trying to keep everyone from crying, we called it a day and vowed never to go anywhere requiring us to spend money ever again. Especially the ex.

Every. single. time. we spend a huge pile of cash at any kind of entertainment venue we leave feeling like it was a waste of money. Also, that we have too many children.

The places where we have the most fun are almost always the free places. The park, the beach, the playground, the BACKYARD for goodness’ sake. The one exception being Mexico. I’ll still pay to go there.

Anyway that day is over and that door is closed for another many many years. The good news is only one kid cried, and once we got out of the traffic jam I didn’t hear Neil swear once. Also, mini donuts make pretty much anything bearable. Aaaaand the kids had some fun, although they told me they think tinkertown is better. Nice to know since that costs approximately one third as much. And they sell pickles there.



Until never again, goodbye Red River Ex.

In other news, Neil shaved his beard off this morning. I didn’t think I was in love with his beard, but I must have been really used to it, because now that it’s gone he looks kind of weird. Like a man baby. I’m surprisingly sad the beard is gone. But I still love my man baby, don’t worry.


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