School, done. Summer, begun.

The boys finished school last Thursday. Both of them brought home amazing report cards. If they used A’s like the old days, Seth’s would have been straight A’s except for music class, which was B’s. He read 114 chapter books this school year, a total of almost 1400 chapters, the most in his class. At the last parent-teacher interviews his teacher said she’d never seen someone read like Seth. Considering he only started reading chapter books in the fall, I’m pretty impressed with his skills, although not surprised. I was the same way when I was a kid. Ben’s report card was pretty much straight A’s too, and I’m pinching myself a little that they both had such wonderful years. Ben learned so much this first year of school, and is pretty much reading on his own now too. He’s come by reading much more naturally and with much less struggle than Seth did in the beginning. Ben was just kind of all of a sudden reading everything. It was weird and awesome and we hardly noticed, which is the way of the second child I guess, unfortunately. I’m always surprised when he just reads something like it’s no big deal. Like I’m wondering when this happened, because I wasn’t there for it or something. I’m so proud of him, so proud of both of them.

And so happy it’s summer holidays. Friday was supposed to be all rainy and gross but then it wasn’t, it was beautiful and hot and mostly sunny and we packed up and went to the beach. It was the best afternoon, catching tadpoles and burying kids in sand and getting sunburned because we forgot about sunscreen.




We caught a bunch of tadpoles at our usual spot and brought them home with us in hopes of raising them to be little frogs. We’ve only been successful at this once out of many many years, but I’m feeling good about this summer. Plus many of the tadpoles already had a couple legs, so it’s like we have a head start.


I love summer and I love the beach and I love that I have no more babies. Each summer gets easier and easier and I hope we can spend a lot of days at the beach this summer.




And ironically now that the kids are home all day every day, Neil went back to work today! Last week he had his follow-up appointment with the infectious diseases doctor, who said his last MRI was all clear, no abcesses, and so he could stop the IV antibiotics. He took his PICC line out right away, and now his wound is all healed up too! It’s amazing, really, how it went from being the same same same for weeks and weeks to bam, healing up, and now, just a few weeks later, all new skin. He kind of has a “divot” where the wound infection was, right beside his belly button, almost like a second belly button. But two is better than one, I guess, and I am beyond happy to be done with daily IV meds and dressing changes.

Here’s to a summer full of health and happiness and sunshine!

(Especially the sunshine. It’s been raining for days and yesterday was basically a prairie hurricane. Seriously, what?)


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