Two months post-op; an update.

So it’s been over two months since all that crazy went down, and I thought we were all in need of an update.

It’s weird how almost immediately after Neil came home, it already seemed like that whole ordeal was just a hazy dream, a distant reality, a “did that even happen” kind of thing. Things weren’t exactly normal right away; it took Neil awhile to do much more than sleep, and we were doing daily dressing changes and IV meds, but we were all together, in our home, and everything felt fine. We had survived it, and it all of a sudden felt like it hadn’t even been that bad. And it wasn’t really. Even though there were some very bad days, and moments that were horrible, overall it really was okay.

And now we’re pretty much back to normal. Except a better normal, beacause Neil feels GREAT. He’s gained almost all those twenty pounds back that he lost while in the hospital. He eats everything, including things he used to avoid because he would feel terrible, and he feels good. The gastroenterologist gave him the go-ahead with all foods, and Neil’s going for it. (The GI also said that they had no idea Neil was so sick pre-operatively, that it’s very unusual to see a case so severe, and that it’s no wonder that the meds weren’t working before. Wow!) I just have to say it is so nice to cook meals that Neil actually eats. Although my grocery bill has increased considerably…

He’s been back at work for a couple weeks now. The first week he just worked the mornings, and came home totally exhausted, but by the second week he worked full days, and even took care of the kids all evening a couple of those days while I worked.

On Saturday Neil even cut the grass! (I’m so happy I didn’t have to do it again!) We amped up our flower beds, Neil built the kids a picnic table out of skateboards, and got started on a playhouse. He’s like a real person again! No lingering tiredness or pain, just goodness. 20140714-125545-46545632.jpg (Neil made that! So awesome!)

I’m so happy that he’s all good and we’ve got the summer ahead of us. We’re going camping next month and I’m really really excited for our first trip in a long time where Neil just feels like Neil, and isn’t throwing up outside the tent or doubled over in pain half the time. It’s going to be amazing.


Thank you to all of you for your continued prayers over our family through all of this. We felt them, and we wouldn’t have survived without them!


One thought on “Two months post-op; an update.

  1. Courtney says:

    So happy to read this post!!! So glad that things are even better than before and he’s back to feeling so good!!!

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