Mosquitoes and tiny goats.

Yesterday was a nice sunny summer day. It needed to be enjoyed. I thought an adventure was in order. Ben loves going on adventures, which is really just a fancy word for exploring a trail in Bird’s Hill Park.

So we grabbed the water bottles and the bug spray and hit the trail.

For like 90 seconds, at which point we were surrounded by approximately one hundred thousand mosquitoes. We ran back to the car and re-applied mosquitoes spray liberally. I sprayed our clothes, our hair, and our bodies again. We hit the trail again. We made it farther this time. We lasted a whole 3 minutes before we turned around and got the heck out of there. The air was just thick with mosquitoes and the buzzing in my ear was making me crazy.

So we bailed on that adventure and ran across the road to Pineridge Hollow, which was complete with beautiful flower beds, ponds with tadpoles, tiny goats, and a shop full of neat toys for kids and pretty things for moms. We stayed for two hours. It was great.

Ben made friends with this goat. It liked when Ben scratched it’s side, so Ben just scratched and scratched that goat. They bonded.

Ivy and Seth loved these little Pygmy goats. They will only be 15 inches tall when they’re full grown! What! Someone get me one!






We played in the shop. I bought a pretty dish towel and the kids each got a stick of candy. Happiness all around.20140716-212611-77171510.jpg
When we were adventured out we headed home, are supper, and spent the evening working on the playhouse, playing with the kids from the neighbourhood, and finished it all off with a game of 500 Up. That game can be a little rowdy I guess, as Ben and Seth had a run in that resulted in a big puffy black eye for Ben.

Poor Ben, he was so worried about what other people would say about his eye, worried that people would laugh at him. (This was likely because Seth took one look at him and totally burst out laughing. Jerk). It took some time to convince him that people would think it was cool but he did decide to go to VBS this morning and he came home wearing that shiner like a badge of honor.

Shiner or not, it was a good summer day. Tomorrow we’re hoping to crash my parents pool and then pick a few baskets of strawberries. I can taste them already.

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