The strawberry saga.

It’s strawberry season here, and one of my favorite things to do in the summer is to go picking with the kids. Last week on Thursday it was supposed to be 28 and sunny out so I thought it would be a great day to head to my mom and dad’s for some pool time and then some strawberry picking.

We were already off to a less than perfect start when the sun never made the appearance we were hoping for. It was hazy and definitely less than hot all day. Kids still want to swim though, and they had a great few hours in the pool. Ivy mastered water wings and apparently felt so confident in her skills that she even took a jump in without any flotation device at all. Seth to the rescue- he scooped his bobbing sister out of the pool and, although slightly shaken, she was back in the pool in minutes, swimming all over the place like a little fish.

IMG_6883 IMG_6864


In the afternoon I decided I better check the farms before we just headed over to pick. And wouldn’t you know, all the farms were picked out. Strawberry dreams, dashed. Not defeated easily, we decided to try our hand at saskatoon picking. It was slow going because saskatoons are tiny as well as extremely delicious. I’m not exactly sure what our ratio of eaten berries to berries that made it in the pail was, but I’m guessing somewhere around 5-1. Soooooo yummy. We were yummy too, apparently, as we were eaten ferociously by the mosquitoes, despite having been very generous with the spray again. So we picked a pail and bought another pail of pre-picked, ate tonnes of them, and made an amazing pie.

On Saturday I still needed me some strawberries. I tried to convince Neil to get on board but he wouldn’t have it. So we went alone. We checked first that the farm was picking, then we drove the 50 minutes to get there. We got in the long line to be taken to the fields, waited five or ten minutes, at which point someone came and cut the line off five people ahead of us, saying they were picked out for the day. WHAT.

Thank goodness there was a petting zoo and a hay bale maze there, so we could play with goats to ease our (my) disappointment. All well and good until Ivy got between a mama sheep and her baby and nearly got rammed.

Time to call it a day and call the mother-in-law. Request to pick up a few pails of pre-picked for me and it was done and done.

On Sunday we got our four pails, promptly ate at least half a pail, and then Seth and I made jam! It was our first time and it turned out great. I’m sure it won’t be our last jam making session. We made 18 little jars, and one’s almost gone already. I’m sure they’re not going to last too long.



So this year’s strawberry season was a bit of a fail, but it ended on a high note. We’ve still got about a pail left on the fridge and if I had a way of getting another one, I’d be on it. Such a perfect summer treat!

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