To Grandma’s house.

The last time the kids stayed at their grandparents for the weekend Oliver was a little under the weather. When he was there his grandma told him he could come for his very own sleepover to make up for it one day.

Yesterday was that day, and Oliver was so excited. I met Neil’s mom at my work so she could take Oliver home. On the twenty minute drive in, Oliver talked my ear off (which is his typical in-vehicle style). He was so excited to go to grandma’s for a sleepover all by himself, because “it’s the grandma that has a closet for me to sleep in!” It’s true, Oliver likes to sleep in their closet. With the closet doors shut even. It’s pretty funny. Over and over he chatted about how fun it would be on his sleepover and he kept saying “I’m so excited!” and sometimes he would say he would miss me because “I won’t have you, Mom” but then he’d be right back to saying how excited he was.

It’s very, VERY rare for our children to have one on one time with anyone, including us. Although we try to spend individual time with the kids, it’s just not entirely feasible a lot of the time, or occasions are few and far between. A trip to grandma’s house all by yourself is a very special treat.

I’m sure he’ll have the best time.


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