Let’s get married.

I climbed into bed with Oliver for a cuddle the other night.

He started talking to me, saying,

“I saw something on tv where some people have two marries, but I might not get married I think.”

“It’s okay Oliver,” I said. “You only have to get married if you find someone you love.”

“Well I love you, Mom.”


“Mom, can you tell Dad he shouldn’t have married you on that day?”

“Why Oliver?”

“Because then I could marry you on that day.”

Oh my heart. That kid just kills me with his sweetness and genuine love for me. He says things to me all the time like, “Mom, let’s just hold hands for awhile.” Or, “let’s just have a few kisses now.” I’m overwhelmed with his innocence and affection and I really really don’t want him to grow up, although he promises me he’ll still hug me even when he’s bigger than me.

Neil went to see Oliver later than evening, and said, “I heard you want to marry Mom.”

Oliver told him, “Well, a long long time ago people had two marries.”

What are they teaching kids in Sunday School these days??



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