That time I sneezed and put my back out.

Okay so I haven’t blogged in like a month. Remember when I used to blog like every other day? Me neither. I lost my mojo or something. Plus I’ve been working on something big, and it’s keeping my mind too distracted to focus on the blog. (Details to be released sometime soon-ish!)

Anyway to sum up September, it was fab. Kids are seriously rocking school, and I’m seriously enjoying having just two kids at home every day.

October started off poorly though. Yesterday morning while getting the kids ready for school, I sneezed.

Yes. That’s the story. I literally sneezed, a regular old sneeze, and my back went out. Like right out. I couldn’t lift a box of yogurt without falling down and yelping in pain. So that’s awesome.

I’ve been to the chiropractor a couple times, have spent most of the last couple days in bed with a bag of ice, and still feel totally horrible. And pathetic. A sneeze for goodness’ sake!

Trying to get in for a massage today, otherwise my mom will give me one tomorrow if I can manage the hour and a half drive out there. I have to though, it’s my niece Tali’s first birthday party!

So I’m just sitting here feeling kind of sorry for myself and it seemed like an appropriate time to blog I guess. In regards to this old blog, I hope you’ll be seeing some changes in the next while. Like, for one, I need to update those photos in the sidebar. Oliver was like 18 months old in that picture, and he’s 4 1/2 now. Yeesh. You might find the blog renamed, too. Just sayin’, don’t be too surprised if you stop by and things are a little different.

Okay I’ve got to get back to the ice pack. Hopefully I’ll revisit this writing thing again soon.

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