You guys. Major news at the Moran house this morning.

Oliver DRESSED HIMSELF. Like from head to toe! This is big you guys. I didn’t think we’d ever get here, but I’ve been working hard with him every morning for a few weeks (months?) teaching him how to pull a shirt on and get his socks on, and today he finally did it, with absolutely zero help from me. These are the things, people. The things that can make you feel so proud, even though it’s really such a little thing.

Plus it gets me one step closer to the day I don’t have to dress anyone but myself. It’s been so many years since that was the case, I honestly don’t even remember what it’s like.

The littles and I went out for breakfast with some friends the other day. Out! To eat! In a place that wasn’t McDonald’s. I gotta say, the living is easy right now. Okay it’s not THAT easy but wow is it ever way easier. Cheers to kids growing up! (Even though I’m obviously devastated over the loss of chubby baby bodies and their all-embracing, constant snuggles.)

I leave you with a piece of classic Oliver art. As with every piece of Oliver’s art, every last piece of space is full to the brim. Ask him about his picture and he will drone on for ten minutes or more, while continuing to fill in new details as he talks. Last week he made himself an entire set of original, made-up pokemon cards. They were so awesome you guys. I’m just in love with him.


ps. In case you care, my back is feeling so much better. No ice pack or narcotics for two days now! It’s awesome! Still sore but just so so much better. I’m a happy lady.


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