It’s been six months.

Next week it will have been six months since Neil’s emergency surgery. It’s hard to believe it was that long ago, because sometimes it feels like just yesterday, but then on the other hand it feels like a lifetime ago.

I realize I haven’t been that diligent at keeping everyone posted on how Neil’s doing, and basically that’s because he’s doing amazing. He’s felt so good, like 100% good, since he recovered from that complicated surgery. No crohns-y symptoms. At all. It’s that good. His life, our lives, are dramatically different, for the better, compared to this time a year ago.

Today we’re at the hospital for a follow-up/check-up thing, and pulling up to the old familiar parking lot it was so refreshing to say “well it’s been awhile since we were here.” What was an all too frequent and familiar place, no longer is. And that’s seriously amazing. Really.

So to all those people who ask me, and there are a lot of you, how Neil’s doing, he’s doing well. Very, very well. Thanks for thinking about him and us; we appreciate it! Life is good, and we’re loving it.



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