Oliver draws. And draws. And draws. And says funny things.

It’s 9:45 and I’ve folded two loads of laundry, the third is almost dry, and I’ve cleaned my bedroom AND bathroom, including floors. Not gonna lie, I’m feeling like a champ. So since I’ve been so efficient with my time today, I thought I should squeeze in a blog post before I retire to my sewing studio where a pile more work is waiting for me.

I’ve been wanting to blog about my boyfriend Oliver for awhile. Yeah, I said boyfriend. We’re in love. He tells me all the time. Like I mean probably 100 times a day that kid tells me he loves me. He tells me things like, “I have a crush on you, Mom. I love you the most.” All. the. time. So naturally, he’s my current favorite. (Just kidding other kids I have.)

He had his Christmas concert on Sunday. Although he knew the words and the actions, he flat out refused to do them at the dress rehearsal or on the actual concert morning. “Mom, I’m not doing them. The only action I will do is to smile.” We tried bribes. No go. He knows his own mind, and there is no changing it. He did crack a very teeny smile on stage, and he looked darling despite his resolute non-participation, so it was still a win in my books.

He continues to draw, tirelessly and continuously, every day. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that he probably spends around eight hours a day at the kitchen table churning out drawing after drawing after drawing. Yesterday morning we actually ran right out of paper. Oliver was totally at a loss, wandering around the house in a cloud of confusion, begging me for more paper. He literally goes straight to the table to draw as soon as he wakes up. And we drag him away from the table at bedtime, leaving drawings scattered over the entire table.


His brothers have Pokemon cards, and he doesn’t. So he made his own Pokemon cards.


His drawings are so full of detail and expression, I just love them. He’s only four remember! I just read somewhere that kids don’t have control over a pencil until they’re six. Disagree.





Lately he’s learned to write his name, too, and has started writing books- taping pages together and asking me how to spell things. He’s decided he might be an author when he grows up, because, after all, he’s written two books already.


This was a picture he drew of “a guy thinking about falling in love”:


The other day Oliver told me that he wants more kids in our family. Just one more. I told him that we don’t have room in our car for more kids. He said we could just take the truck AND the car if we go places. I said that would cost too much money for gas, and what would we name the new kid, anyway? He said Joe if it’s a boy. And what if it’s a girl, Oliver? If it’s a girl, we’ll name her Sweetheart, he said.

Oliver, you and your drawings and the sweet, funny things you say, you really do have my heart.

PicMonkey Collage


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