Christmas 2014

Alternate title: Was that really almost a month ago?

So Christmas 2014 was amazing. Neil took a whole two weeks off work and we all spent that time being gloriously lazy together. It was perfect.

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We went to church on Christmas Eve, picked up Thai food, and then had Neil’s parents and grandma over. Christmas morning was as fun as always, and Santa delivered each child’s request (except for that Playstation Ben asked for last minute. Um, no). The big kids got Lego sets, Oliver got a Trashies garbage truck (that he’s barely stopped playing with), and Ivy got the brown lion she’d been asking for since she saw it in the Target flyer a month earlier.




I got Neil new snowboarding goggles and he got me the housecoat I’d begged for from Anthropologie. It is seriously divine, and it has to be said that I probably would have froze to death while I was sick if I hadn’t had that housecoat. It saved my life.

We spent Christmas morning relaxing at home (I even napped on the couch!) and then headed to the Hennan’s for more Christmas fun. There were more gifts, but mostly more visiting and playing with cousins. It was a nice day out so we took the kids skating (it was Ivy’s first time) and then came home for turkey dinner. We headed back home that night, and returned to Portage for a repeat with the in-laws the next day. The rest of our holidays we left new toys strewn throughout the house and laundry accumulating in piles everywhere. It was amazing.






I hope that Neil will take holidays like that every year, because it was just the best. I’m so happy that I have a family that likes spending copious amounts of time together.


PS. Neil and I are ridiculously good looking together, right??


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