To the zoo.

I was really looking forward to a day at home today; no plans, nowhere to go. I felt lazy and tired this morning after working yesterday evening. I was having trouble getting going.

And then I thought, let’s go to the zoo guys. I’ve been wanting to go for ages, especially since its been so mild out, but it’s hard to find time to go. Weekends are always over in the blink of an eye, and it just wasn’t happening. So we bailed on Neil and Seth and Ben, and I took Oliver and Ivy.


I love the zoo so much. We got a membership last summer and I’ve tried really hard to make good use of it. All the kids love it, though, so we always end up spending lots of time there when we go. Today I thought we’d even just go see the polar bears, but we still ended up spending over two hours there.

The arctic foxes were pure white, and running around playing right in front of us.

The wolves came and stood right in front of the glass where we were standing. They’re so amazing, and especially in the new Journey to Churchill exhibit- it’s just so neat to see them running around in all that open space.

Of course the polar bears are my favorite. Today they were swimming and even wrestling in the water. It is seriously mesmerizing watching them swim.


After the zoo we zipped to Ikea for a cheapie hot dog lunch, then came home where I napped on the couch while Ivy and Oliver watched tv. When the boys got home from school we hit up the library.

I’m totally wiped but it was really refreshing to be so spontaneous with my littles today. They’re cute and I like hanging out with them.



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