This is old news, but Oliver and Ivy got haircuts in December. Pretty drastic ones.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I have a hard time parting with Oliver’s hair. I don’t know why, I just do. It’s gotten fairly long from time to time, and I only took him for cuts begrudgingly after people start referring to him as a girl more often than they referred to him as a boy. I knew it was time again in December, and I was feeling ready to see a bit more of his head.I hadn’t really seen it since he was a bald baby. He’s starting to lose the bit of curl he used to have, and it was starting to fall straight in his face more often than not. He was starting to get hair in his mouth when he ate, and had food in his hair from time to time. Time for a cut.


So I did it. Well, my friend did it. She took out the clippers and I almost had a heart attack inside but I stayed strong on the outside. I knew it would be okay. And it was. His new hair cut is super cute and I love it.


I’m not gonna lie, I still miss his long hair sometimes.

Ivy needed a hair cut too. That was hard for me, too, since she’s my first and only girl and a part of me wants her hair to be as long as Pocahontas’. Except she’s only three and her hair is kind of thin still, and she was starting to refuse any kind of ponytails or braids. Time for a cut.


Obviously her haircut turned out obscenely cute too.


I love it so much, and she hasn’t complained at all about losing her princess-y hair. She has a good imagination and often points out her beautiful (invisible) Elsa braid to me. Works for me.

Those baby bangs!



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