It’s not as scary as it used to be.

Neil flew to Vancouver Thursday morning for work. He’s tacking a trip to Kelowna on afterwards, so he won’t be home until Monday afternoon. So that means I’m single parenting it for almost five days. Usually in this kind of situation I would go stay with my mom and dad for a couple days, but they’re in Mexico right now, so that’s out. I’m on my own.

And the thing is, it’s not as scary as it used to be. The kids are getting bigger, and even though I’m grossly outnumbered, it’s not that hard anymore. Yesterday I took four kids to swimming lessons, and wouldn’t you know, the bigs got ready for their lesson all on their own, and even Oliver walked to his class all by himself so I didn’t even have to go on the pool deck once. Ivy behaved herself for the entire 45 minutes, and then Seth and Ben got themselves all dressed back up while I helped Oliver, and we all met in the lobby a mere ten minutes after the last class ended. It couldn’t have gone better. Well, it could have, I guess, if Oliver had actually listened to his teacher. I’ll be very surprised if he passes this term, since he resolutely refuses to blow bubbles in the pool.

Yesterday was smooth sailing too, although it helped immensely that a friend came for coffee in the morning. It’s always nice to have grown up conversation. In the evening I got the kids’ favorite babysitter to come so that I could go wander around Superstore all by myself.

This morning I slept in until 8:15, when I leisurely wandered out of my bedroom to make coffee and found the kids all fed and watching cartoons. Freaking angels I tell you.

Then we went to Seth’s soccer game. I’m really enjoying the fact that I can take four kids out on my own and it’s not a total gong show. It’s a good, good feeling.

(Seth, after another victory, and his final game, barely obliging my request for a photo.)

The afternoon was pretty chill. Ben went to a friend’s and had a great time but I ruined his life when I told him we were having spaghetti for supper. End. Of. The. World. Still, he was hungry enough that he ate it. What kind of kid doesn’t like spaghetti??

I got all the kids (and myself!) bathed, which is a small miracle. Hygiene isn’t a huge priority around here lately. 

Everyone went to bed and fell asleep with nary a “Mom!” or “I need a drink!” to be heard. Winning.

It’s not so scary as it used to be, being the sole parent. I don’t even mind it too much.

Because they’re good kids and I like them.

Especially when they’re sleeping. 

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