First indoor soccer season, finished.

Seth has played spring soccer for a few years now, but this was his first year playing indoor soccer. He started in the fall, and played every Saturday until now. I was sort of dreading being committed to something every single Saturday, but it turned out that I really loved it. What’s not to love about sitting in a temperature controlled arena watching your kid and his team kick butt every Saturday? I’m not joking- they creamed their opponents at most games. They won almost every game, losing maybe two or three out the whole season. Seth scored a lot of goals, learned a lot, improved his skills hugely, and most importantly, had a lot of fun.

For the last game of the season, the kids played the parents. Seth had the best time out there with Neil.


(Neil had fun too.)

Ivy threw an EPIC tantrum for the first 20 minutes of the game. There is just no reasoning with that child and I was forced to revert to crazy mom status, putting her outside the back door of the arena and leaving her there alone while threatening to burn her blanket. Yeah, I went there. I took it a bit too far with the threats of burning, but I’m quite confident she would have screamed until infinity if I hadn’t left her at the back door solo for all of 12 seconds. That was enough for her to smarten up.


Oliver barely tolerates Seth’s soccer games, but he cracked a smile for me at least.


The game was a wash, with the kids beating the parents 18-9. Seth plays some mean defense. His coach told him that he never worried about their team getting scored on when Seth was on the field. (Insert proud mom face here.)


So now we say farewell to indoor soccer until next fall. Lucky for me I won’t even have a chance to miss it, since we just signed Oliver and Seth up for spring soccer, which will have us at games four nights a week and a practice on Saturdays. God help me.



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