The world’s biggest dinosaur.

On our first official day of our spring break vacation, we hit up Drumheller. It also happened to be Neil’s birthday. What man doesn’t want to see the world’s biggest dinosaur on his birthday? It was a beautiful, sunny, and warm day, and he truly was really excited about everything and on more than one occasion said he was having the best day ever. Who woulda thought. But really, the world’s biggest dinosaur really is pretty freaking awesome.


Look how big!!

IMG_6131 IMG_6139

We spent the morning at the Royal Tyrell Museum, which was also super awesome. We went through it twice, with a break for a picnic lunch and a play at an awesome playground in between. I didn’t get too many pictures inside because it’s pretty dark, but that place is epic. Dinosaur fossils are kind of insane. I mean, I just can’t imagine what they were like in real life. Cray cray.

IMG_8067 IMG_0288

(That’s my kids holding a fossilized dinosaur poop. Although how they “know” it’s a dino poop and not any other kind of poop is questionable to me. Either way, they held some poo. Also, see how the museum lady tricked them all into closing their eyes before she put poo in their hands? Ha!)

After the museum we hiked around the grounds for a bit. Seth and Ben were just having the best time climbing everything and exploring off the beaten path as much as they could get away with. It was 17C out and it was just glorious to be out in that weather!

IMG_6166 IMG_0303 IMG_0329

After that hike we drove over to the hoodoos, which were kind of anti-climactic. I think that happens when it’s been 20 years since you’ve been somewhere. What you once remembered as just ginormous, really isn’t. They are definitely still cool though. At that point Oliver and Ivy had fallen asleep in the car (where they continued to sleep for two solid hours despite us stopping repeatedly and Seth and Ben and Neil climbing in and out and over them. They were sooooo wiped. I hung out in the car with them while the bigs explored.

IMG_8114 IMG_6168 IMG_6177

When we’d had our fill of badlands, hoodoos, and dinosaurs, we drove to Calgary, about an hour and a half away. We got there around 4:30, planning to spend the evening swimming and watersliding, only to find that this hotel pool, too, was out of order! And they had no hotel next door for us to use. We ended up getting some poutine and then heading to the theatre to see Home. Thank goodness the movie was so cute and funny because it cost us a small fortune. Apparently movies cost 50% more in Calgary than here, and even here we usually only go on cheap night! Oh well, all good and still fun.

And that was the end of our first day of spring break! It was a good one!



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