Oliver says.

Okay first things first. WHY does a week only last 7 minutes now? I know people kept telling me that time starts going by faster and faster as you get older but what. the. hell. is happening?? Are elderly people just going along doing life at warp speed? Honestly it’s always like, oh, it’s Friday again. Even though I swear it was just Friday yesterday. And that’s my excuse for only blogging every ten days. Because every ten days is actually three times a week.

Moving on…


Ivy is over at my sister’s for a couple nights, so Oliver and I are going to have some extremely rare alone time tomorrow. In real life Oliver gets alone time approximately never. In theory Neil and I would love to spend one on one time with each child on a very regular basis. In reality there are FOUR of them. We had too many kids and the consequence of that is no alone time ever. Sorry guys but we’re not made of time. (See previous paragraph.)

But tomorrow, tomorrow Oliver and I will be alone. Obviously we need to go on a date. Oliver suggested the zoo, but since it’s winter here again apparently, I said no to that. Then he suggested a home date. Where we just stay home and hang out. That’s basically my favorite date ever but I really want to take him out somewhere, since it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity here. While I was tucking him in tonight I told him he needs to think of some good ideas for our date tomorrow.

He told me, “I’m going to think of ideas in my brain. Then, they’re going to come out of my mouth. Then…….PARTY TIME.”

Clearly it’s going to be a great date.

While I kissed him goodnight he wanted to tell me how much I love him. It’s a little game we play. I told him I love him to the dinosaur museum and back. He told me he loves me to heaven and back. Followed by “I win!” Then he said, “Because you’re my heart.”

And you’re mine Oliver.



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