The girl likes to shop.

Once every two years, I meet Neil at the mall and we go shopping. Maybe two years is an exaggeration but probably not a huge one. I stopped taking kids to the mall when there were two of them, and I never really started going again. I go on my own a couple times a year, but I pretty much never take the kids, unless it’s to see Santa.

Today we went to Polo Park. Oliver was like, “Whoah! What is this place??” Because, no malls, just Superstore for my children.

We went to H+M because we never had before. As soon as we entered the (big) store Oliver said, “Let’s split up!” Ha! Anyway he got pretty into it and somehow roped us into buying him several t-shirts and he was on the hunt for more, all like, let’s get way more stuff! He didn’t seem to realize that we actually had to pay for everything.

Ivy went crazy in there. “OHHH! Look at this shirt Mom! It’s sooooo cute!” I grabbed some leggings for her and she had to sit down on the floor and place the pants on top of her legs to see if they would fit. She just loved everything. She needed the hat, she needed those shoes, and those shoes, and those shoes too, and that dress, and that shirt. She loved everything. We mistakenly wandered into the children’s accessories section and that was the end of it. She grabbed a little box of rings and just had to have them. “I WEE WEE need these wings Mom!” (Wee= really.) No, you don’t need those rings Ivy. “But I have nooo wings!” That’s not even true, actually. Oh she begged and pleaded non-stop. 

We stopped at a fitting room so I could try stuff on. While I pulled the curtain closed, she asked, “Why we havin’ a bath?” #firsttimeinafittingroom Made me laugh anyway. 

As soon as I was done in there, she was back on the case for the rings. The responsible mother in me knew I needed to hold my ground but I just couldn’t. I couldn’t! I’m powerless against her! Besides, Oliver was convinced we were getting him the Big Hero 6 t-shirt, and so I just got both of them their wants. Hey, first trip to the mall deserves a purchase right? 

Anyway, it was fun, and I’m looking forward to more girl shopping trips with Ivy this fall when Oliver is in school. He totally lost the passion after one store, and I know Ivy could have shopped all day.  

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