Little fawn.

Yesterday after supper we headed to Bird’s Hill Park. We stopped in at Pineridge Hollow for a candy stick and to say a quick hello to the goats.

Benjamin had to stop for a photo with Benjamin the Alpaca. Just a couple a cute Benjamins.

After Pineridge Hollow we headed across the road to walk the White Tail Deer trail. I was reaaaaally hoping to see some deer, and we’ve always had good luck at that time of day in the park.

The boys rushed ahead of me and Ivy, and when we came around the bend, Neil was motioning for us to be quiet and come slowly.

There was a brand new fawn in the path. The mama had made a run for it when she spotted Neil and the boys. The little fawn was so wobbly on it’s legs, maybe it was only hours old. It wandered up the path towards us, and I couldn’t believe how small it was. It’s body was about the size of a cat, just with super long spindly legs. I loved the fawn and I wanted it to be my pet. So bad. I even told Neil he could get as many tattoos as he wanted if he let me keep it. He said no, unfortunately.

We eventually wandered away but came back to check on my little fawn, and he was laying flat in the woods just to the side of the path. I was really worried he’d be all alone but I also knew it would probably not be smart to kidnap a baby deer. (But imagine the photo ops with my kids and a fawn! I’d die!) I did do some research on deer and I feel like he was probably going to be just fine.

Oliver said it was the best day of his life, and I felt the same way, really. To be fair, Oliver also said that the trip to the greenhouse was the best day of his life. He’s very easy to please.

I love love love having Bird’s Hill Park just minutes away from us, and the opportunities and experiences that it’s given us.


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