Oliver graduates from preschool.

Honestly I think things like preschool graduations are totally stupid. Why do we need to graduate from preschool, just to go to kindergarten? It’s dumb.

But I will admit that it’s still really cute.

Today was Oliver and Ivy’s last day of preschool before summer. They had a graduation ceremony for the kids who would be starting kindergarten in the fall (which was almost everyone! I think it was just Ivy and a couple other kids that didn’t graduate today).

They were very excited about going to their last day, having a party, and a graduation. Even though I’m going to miss my ONLY two hours of alone time every week, I’m excited too. I love summer holidays and I love hanging out with my kids. Mostly.


(I just love this picture so much! It sums up their personalities just so perfectly!)

The little ceremony was super cute. They sang a few songs; Ivy was so enthusiastic, and knew all the words, and was so sweet, I just about died. Oliver actually participated, which surprised me. I didn’t know he knew any songs, or that he would ever voluntarily do actions to a song. It was nice to see! Mostly, though, even though I knew he was very happy, he maintained a look of barely tolerance through the whole event. That’s my boy.

IMG_1045IMG_1052“I graduated. No big deal.”

Ivy though, I think she was in love with standing in front of all those people. She had a lot of fun this morning.

IMG_1050 IMG_1061

I managed to get one, albeit forced, smile out of my little graduate.


He’s very much looking forward to kindergarten, and I’m excited for him. I know he’s going to love it, and have a lot of friends, because, in his own words, “he’s the friendliest kid in the world!”.

Congratulations on your graduation Oliver, and all the best to you in the rest of your school career. I love you baby.


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