Father’s Day was two days ago and I didn’t get my husband anything.

Why do holidays always come with no warning? All of a sudden it’s the day before and all the stores are already closed and you’re left feeling all “I suck at life” because you’re married to the best dad ever and you didn’t get him a single thing. And you bought your own dad nail clippers. (Dad, forget you read that. Also, act surprised next time I see you).

Lucky for me, Neil’s doesn’t care nearly as much about gifts as I do. All he really wanted to do for Father’s Day was take his boys skateboarding. Ben was on board with that idea and they went out for a bit on Saturday morning.

On Sunday after church we headed over to the Forks. We ate some still-hot cinnamon buns from Tall Grass Prairie while sitting on the riverbank in the sunshine. When cinnamon buns were done, we took the kids to the playground.

Playgrounds are where Neil’s awesome dad-ness comes through so obviously. He had the kids going in some elaborate imaginative play where they were all desperately trying to find the key to some treasure chest and that involved running around and hiding and shrieking and all kinds of other shenanigans. And Neil actually wanted to do that! Me, I do NOT play at playgrounds. I go to playgrounds to sit on benches and catch up on instagram while my kids play. Swings are my nemesis. But not Neil. The kids had the best time with him.

IMG_0428 IMG_0422

Next up, SK8, so Neil could buy himself a t-shirt and I could tell myself that that was his father’s day gift. Ben got one too, because, cute.


Then we headed over to the skate park to watch some guys skateboarding. Look at my cute kids. I mean, I can barely handle it. Their feet!


Then it was home for some supper, and early to bed. Kids were pretty darn tired by the end of that day!

Neil really is such a good Dad. He loves his kids so fully. He gives endlessly of his time, even after working so hard all day every day. He never hesitates to be on his own with all four of them, and makes them supper, bathes them, and puts them to bed solo a couple nights a week. On Saturday he took them all to a car show, then home, then back out again to help a friend work on his driveway. He’s just awesome like that. I know the kids love being with him, look up to him, and respect him. They are lucky, lucky children to have Neil for a dad, and I’m a lucky, lucky woman to be married to him.


Basically, we’re all the luckiest.

Now I’ve said lucky at least one time too many and it sounds weird.

Happy Father’s Day Neil.

Also, #reality.

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