Seth is 9.

Today is Seth’s ninth birthday. It’s weird how there’s absolutely no trace of little kid left in him. It’s been gone for awhile now, really. He’s just a big kid who does his own thing and takes care of himself and doesn’t really need me anymore. It’s fine, but it’s kind of weird. He very rarely ever comes to me spontaneously for a hug or a kiss, although he will oblige me briefly if I appear appropriately pathetic. I have to assume this situation will only get worse.


But, even if he doesn’t need me, he’s a good kid, my nine year old Seth. He’s turning into a lover of routine and efficiency. Every morning he has his “chores” that need to be done: get dressed, make bed, put laundry away, brush teeth, feed Dog, empty dishwasher. It’s like he’s always trying to beat his previous time, and having everything done as quickly as possible is a real source of pride for him. I absolutely never have to remind him to do these things, and I’ve never once heard him complain about them. This is possibly because these are first thing in the morning chores, and Seth is tortured by laying in bed a moment past 0700. Asking him to help do dishes or sweep the floor after supper is almost always met with complaint, coupled with a sudden urgent need to use the bathroom.


He continues to read voraciously, usually downing a chapter book or two a day. This is probably one of my favorite things about Seth, probably because it reminds me so much of myself. I was the same way as a kid, and now I’m jealous of the hours he has to devote to laying around reading every day, although I still try to squeeze some reading in whenever I can. Seth and I, sitting on the couch, just reading, it brings me a lot of happiness.


He’s a good big brother. And the worst. He can take such good care of his siblings, or be such an obnoxious jerk to them. By them, I mean mostly Ben. Although they both still get along really well almost all of the time, sometimes Seth is such a master at pushing Ben’s very sensitive buttons.

He still loves his Lego. He started building his birthday sets this morning, then we were out all day. He seemed almost tortured at a certain point in the day, because he just wanted to get home and finish building, he said. He even told me he didn’t want to play video games today because he just wanted to build. That’s basically a miracle because he’s also obsessed/addicted to Minecraft. Sometimes he wants to talk about Minecraft, and I try so hard to act interested, but it’s like torture. I just don’t get it. But the Internet told me Minecraft is good for kids’ brains so I’m just holding on to that. We don’t do much screen time around this house anyway, so I’m sure it won’t kill him. Just please don’t talk to me about it anymore. That’s what your friends are for. (He and his friends are currently planning on producing Minecraft YouTube videos, which I think would be super fun, but I have no idea if any of them have any idea how to do that.)

He loves soccer too. His spring season went so well this year, thank goodness. Last spring was a total bust due to a variety of factors, but this season was a hundred times better. I love seeing him having so much fun and being so passionate about something. He’s gotten so much more confident on the field over the last year, and I’m really proud of him. He’s signed up for a soccer camp at the end of this month, and he actually told me he’s really excited about it, which is highly unsual for Seth when it comes to any time commitments outside of being at home. I’m excited for him too.


Today we celebrated with birthday pancakes, as per usual. That was a stupid thing I did a couple years ago that has now somehow turned into a tradition that involves me getting out of bed and making pancakes with icing and sprinkles and candles before everyone is starving. It’s not the worst, I guess, and I’m not gonna lie, I like my pancakes with sprinkles on top four times a year. He opened his presents: Pokemon from his brothers, Halo lego, a soccer net, and a new ball from us.


After breakfast we checked out the Lego store that just opened up here. Lots of inspiration in there- so much to look at. Then my mom and dad babysat Ivy while the rest of us went to see Jurassic World. Yes, we were those people who brought their five year old to Jurassic World. Oliver seemed completely un-phased while I actually yelled out loud on at least three occasions. Clearly we’ve done something wrong parenting-wise there. We ate popcorn and Mars bars for lunch and we all loved the movie. Seth said it was the best movie he ever saw.

We picked up some groceries for his birthday party tomorrow, and then we went to A+W for Seth’s birthday supper. I told him he could pick anywhere he wanted, and I was sure he would pick a pizza place, but I was very happy when he chose A+W. Miraculously, coupons arrived in the mail exactly yesterday, and we fed our entire family supper for the same price as our popcorn at the movie. That is not an exaggeration. At all. What the what is with the stupid expensive movie popcorn? That’s why we only buy it twice a year or something. Anyway, Seth had a good birthday, and I’m happy he got to do the things he wanted to. We just had a big thunderstorm and I’m hoping the sky is getting all the rain out of it’s system so we can play outside with his friends tomorrow.


(Ivy’s face!!)

Happy birthday, dear Seth. I love the big kid that you are.


ps. 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.


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