A day at the lake.

Yesterday we spent the day at a friend’s cabin. We had the best time!


(Oliver said the dance party was the best part.)

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

Seth and Ben have a history of being quite wimpy when it comes to swimming in lakes. Beaches are fine, but they never want to jump off of a dock or swim in water over their heads. I was expecting yesterday to be like that, but Ben sure surprised me. He was in the lake, jumping in times a hundred. I could tell he was a little bit nervous, and he was with kids he doesn’t really know, but he just manned up and did it, and he sure had fun. He got out only when he needed to warm up a bit, and then would be right back in again. He went back in again after supper, and this morning he told me he wished we were still there because he wants to jump in the lake some more. I’m so proud of him, and so happy that he had such a good time!


Seth absolutely refused to jump in, no matter who double dog dared him or called him chicken. He was the oldest kid there, while every other kid, including Ivy and Oliver, was in the lake, but he would not do it. As much as Seth likes to tell me that he doesn’t need swimming lessons anymore, that he can swim just fine, etc., I don’t think he’s a really confident swimmer. He CAN swim just fine, but he IS afraid when it comes to jumping in “deep ends”. Hopefully next week’s lessons plus the rest of the summer of swimming will cure that. At the 11th hour yesterday, with cake and ice cream on the line, he FINALLY jumped in. And then of course jumped in ten more times, because it was fun! Yeesh!


Even Oliver and Ivy swam around in the lake like brave little fish. Oliver can be a huge baby about almost everything, including water splashing on his face, but he did it and was having a great time. Ivy wasn’t afraid of anything, of course, and wanted to be jumping on the floatie with 10 other huge kids. I didn’t let her because I know she would have been bounced right off straight into the lake, and that would have been the end of good times for her, life jacket or not.


Anyways, another highly successful summer day. We ended it off spotting three white-tailed deer on our way out of West Hawk. Ivy named all three of them Deerie. We waved good-bye to Deerie times three, and drove home. Everyone crashed hard in the van, and slept soundly all night. It was a record breaker over here this morning, as Seth was the first one up, at EIGHT THIRTY. Seth has slept past 7:30 approximately three times in his life, so I was pretty surprised. Oliver was the last one up at 8:50, and we all hung out in bed until 9. Just lovely.

Cheers to summer!



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