Gah. I feel like I have major summer catch-up to play here. But I’m too busy doing summer to stop and write about it. Which is the way it should be, I guess!

A couple weekends ago we camped at Hecla. Neil and I camped there for our one year anniversary TWELVE YEARS AGO but otherwise we hadn’t been back.


The forecast was super dicey, saying rain, then not so much rain, then rain, then not so much. We decided to just play it by ear and if it looked like junk we would just stay home, because camping in a tent in the rain is not good times. But Friday morning came along and the weather network told us there was just a 40% chance of less than 1mm of rain. Totally manageable.

IMG_1054 IMG_1060 IMG_1057

Halfway into our drive it started raining. Then raining hard. We mentioned turning around, but we had driven so far already. We thought about stopping at the hotel there, but we’re too cheap to actually stay there, so it woudn’t really be any kind of solution. So we just powered on. By the time we actually got to the campsite it was merely drizzling, so we quickly set up camp and had our supper, which was just a barbeque chicken and buns, so didn’t require a fire or anything. It actually stopped raining enough that Neil suggested I go find some firewood. By the time I got to the campground office two minutes later it was actually raining pretty hard. And that was that.

IMG_0993 IMG_0990

It kept raining pretty much all night and most of the next day till four pm. There were little breaks, enough to go to the  marina and grab a coffee, and stop at the playground, and even take a couple drizzly bike rides, so it wasn’t the worst ever. Our tent stayed dry, and the kids were actually very happy to play in it. Neil read several hours of a Star Wars book to the kids. Some of us napped. At one point we went to the school house in Hecla Village and did a craft, which was probably Neil’s worst part of the trip, because crafts.

IMG_0970 IMG_0973 IMG_0949 IMG_0982

By four the sun came out for the first time in over 24 hours, and we were so happy! We hiked to the light house and ate a million wild raspberries. Honestly that place should be called raspberry islands because they are taking over! We had a long bonfire, cooked hot dogs, and ate smores, and talked and played until we all put ourselves to bed. We had a good sleep, but when we woke up and Neil checked the forecast, it was calling for rain again, right away. We scrambled out of the tent, ate a quick breakfast, and packed up asap. We got going just as the rain hit, again.

IMG_0986 IMG_1031

Even though the weather was less than perfect, we actually did have a really good time camping. Being together like that, it’s just the best, and I’m glad we all love it so much. Although, I’m going to be honest here, I’m starting to be that lady that’s all “I’m just too old to sleep on an air mattress.”



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