Last week we did swimming lessons. It was our first time doing lessons during the summer term, and I loved it. I’m pretty sure the kids did too. Five mornings in a row is so much better than once a week for ten weeks, am I right? Plus it’s hot out, so you don’t have to worry about changing clothes as much. Everyone went in their bathing suits, and sometimes we didn’t even change out of them after lessons- just headed home or to a different pool or park. Super nice.


Everyone did really well at their lessons, and I’m proud of what good swimmers they’re getting to be. Hopefully they’ve gotten more confident too. It was Ivy’s first time doing lessons. I don’t usually do lessons when my kids are that little, but there was space in Oliver’s class, and she was super keen to go, so I thought what the heck. She seriously loved her classes, and got so much braver in those five days. On Monday she was too nervous to put much more than her mouth in the water, but by the end of the week she was dunking her whole head under the water. I give all the credit to the sequinned dollar store change purse I bribed her with. Worked like an absolute charm. I guess her teacher probably helped too.


Oliver came leaps and bounds to and is getting much more confident in the water. He is definitely my most cautious and nervous kid in the water, and I’m really happy with the progress he made. I’ve got him and Ivy signed up for another session at the very end of August so hopefully with lots of beach and pool time before then, he’ll pass his session.


It was a super busy week because the kids also did VBS every evening. I think I nearly killed them, waking them up for swimming in the morning and keeping them up past their bedtimes for VBS. They all had lots of fun though, so I really didn’t hear any complaining, although I noticed quite a few yawns. We had some good naps during the week too.


I told them that on Friday we would go celebrate finishing lessons, and that they could pick where we went for a treat. I suggested BDI, and was really looking forward to a butterscotch dipped cone, but then they vetoed that for slurpees. I was disappointed to not get ice cream, but the slurpees probably saved me a couple bucks, so I went with it. I even let them get the big cups, even though I knew they’d only drink half probably. They were pumped.


Good work kids!


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